Almost time to say goodbye to Summer…

We have actually had a relatively great summer together, the kids and I. Sure, they have fought and drove me crazy. I have lost my cool. There has been some yelling and crying. By me and the kids. But we survived.

I can tell it is the ending of summer vacation though. Everyone is stir crazy and tired of each other. The anxiety levels are up. We are all becoming short tempered with each other. We need a break from our summer break.

It is hard when you are mostly stuck inside with each other all day. It has been way too hot to really do much outside for long periods of time. We don’t have a pool or a good water hose to do any water play. The parks around here aren’t very shady. Our little city doesn’t offer much entertainment wise for families either. Normally they would have spent a good bit of the summer at their grandma’s house but she has a houseguest that is keeping the kids from being able to go over. They didn’t get to go swimming at their other grandma’s apartment complex because that pool has been broken all summer.

We did get that little prehistoric adventure and had a couple birthday parties sprinkled in over the last couple months. Overall though, it has been a slow, boring summer.

I wish there were more kids in our neighborhood and that neighbors were all friendly with each other out here. When I was growing up I knew and played with everyone down my street. I was surrounded my family and cousins though. Built in friends there. I feel bad we don’t know any of our neighbors down the road. Even so, Only one has any school age children. At least the bus only stops at one other house down the road besides out next door neighbor.

So they have me and they have each other. That is about it. So together we have been. Inside playing games and watching way too much television.

At least when school starts again they will get to see different faces every day.

The Beginning

So, I have decided to take the plunge. I am going to do this blogger thing. You will have to bare with me as I find my groundings. I really hope you enjoy this little peek into my life.

Oh! Who am I?

Yeah, I guess that is an important thing to know!

Let me introduce myself. Hi! My name is Shelly. I am a stay at home mom to 4 rambunctious little turkeys. Ok, they aren’t actual turkeys but some days it does feel like they are farm animals!

I struggle with depression and this mommin’ thing. Being a mom is hard. Having depression and anxiety is hard. Raising wild turkeys is HARD! Ha! I want to share my experiences with whomever is willing to listen. To let other moms know, it’s ok. I feel called to share my struggles dealing with my own illness and also navigating life with my children, one who has Aspergers. I don’t know exactly how well I will do or how interesting I will be, but I am hoping opening up about my life will be therapeutic.

Now about those Turkeys…
K is my oldest. The one I mentioned who has Aspergers. We are still fairly new with the official diagnosis and we haven’t completely navigated with him what that means but he recognizes his differences and struggles. We are also on the verge of preteen-dom and heading to Middle School! I. AM. SCARED! Nah, I’m sure we will be just fine!

Next is Dee. He is just a year and a half behind K so not quite at preteen-dom yet but not a little kid anymore. He is a little big ole teddy bear. Kid hearted but stubborn.

Moving on to the baby boy of the family, Mr. Colt. Just a tad spoiled and a total Mama’s boy. My heartthrob, little romantic. He loves snuggling and picking flowers for me. Also, the sweetest First Grader you’ll ever meet.

Last, but not least; Miss Diva Princess, Tootie. I think the title is self explanatory but I will still tell you, she is a D.I.V.A ! Obsessed with Cheerleading and Disney Princesses. Gearing up for the big old PreK!

First blog post

Here goes nothing.

I need an outlet for the day to day struggles of being a mom and wife. I have depression and anxiety on top of trying to raise four children. I feel like blogging may be a therapeutic experience for me and a good way to reach out to anyone else facing similar struggles.

“It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply.”